Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lyrical/Kensington Submission Call

 Want to share a publisher with me?

My editor at Lyrical/Kensington just announced a call for submissions on her blog.

Here's what she said...

"I’m looking to expand my author list and acquire some great stories. The recently announced merger between Lyrical Press and eKensington means that we’ll be accepting non-romantic fiction as well as romance. In keeping with this change, I’d love to see some women’s fiction stories or cozy mysteries. But my true love will always be romance, and right now I’m looking for contemporary romance, historical romance (especially if it is set in unique time periods or locations), erotic romance (Hot, Hot, Hot), sports romance with strong female athletes, and romantic suspense with no paranormal element.

• Manuscripts should be submitted to:

• I prefer stories that are between 40,000 and 100,000 words.

• Characters must be well-developed, their motivations clear and their actions must move the story forward.

• Choose your point of view (i.e. first-person, third-person) but ensure that, whichever you choose, you write your characters from a truly deep viewpoint.

• Your work should be as clean and polished as you can make it.

• All works must be complete and submitted with a query letter and synopsis.

• Agents are encouraged to contact me with either completed projects or proposals.

• Please note: Lyrical Press is no longer open to previously published works. This includes self-published work.

If you have any of these stories finished, polished, and ready for consideration, please send them my way!
All my best,
Paige Christian...."

Good luck everyone!  I hope to see you there!

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