Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Book Birthday to Me!

 Minstrel's Serenade Comes Out Today!

He’s sworn to protect her, but can he save her from himself? 

Danika Rubystone has hated the minstrels ever since her mother ran away with one. As Princess, she’s duty bound to marry Valorian, a minstrel from the House of Song. But problems in the kingdom are mounting. With her father dead she’s the sole heir to an imperiled throne, and wyverns attack Ebonvale’s southern shores. But after Danika finds a lone survivor of a wyvern’s attack who holds the key to protecting the kingdom and she finally meets the enchantingly sly Valorian, everything changes. 

As Ebonvale’s Royal Guard sails with the minstrels to smite the uprising of wyverns, Danika dances a line between sticking by duty like her father, or following her wild heart like her mother.

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Early Reviews:

Nicole Laverdure
A sweet fantasy romance!
Minstrel’s Serenade, written by Aubrie Dionne, was a sweet paranormal romance filled with adventure. I liked her characters Danika Rubystone, the Ruler of Ebonvale, Bron, her bodyguard and Valorian, the Prince of the House of Song. After her father’s death, Danika became responsible for the welfare of the people of Ebonvale, and her mission was to gain peace and unity with the House of Song. When, an attack on her kingdom occurs, she will need all the help she can. As a Princess, her duty is to marry Prince Valorian, but she loves another man. Since, she is stubborn and independent, what will she choose? Will she follow her heart or her duty? This story is perfect for fantasy lovers! 
Danika Rubystone must choose between her duty and her heart in Aubrie Dionne's Minstrel's Serenade. The fast-paced action keeps the reader on edge. This fantasy romance novel has rich world-building set against amazing settings, many fraught with danger. Danika is a strong character, although her bouts of wishywashyness made me not always like her. My favorite characters were Bron, Chief of Arms of Ebonvale, and Nip, a child who'd survived a wyvern attack. The wyverns are a worthy foe for the people of this land. The House of Song was a magical place, and I would love to live there, although some quiet every once in a while would be nice too. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the land and the people, so Ebonvale and the House of Songs' quest would've been a touch more powerful. Overall, Minstrel's Serenade by Aubrie Dionne is a beautiful fantasy novel with smoldering romance at its core.
Jul 15, 2014 Kyraryker rated it 4 of 5 stars
I was very pleasantly surprised at how good this book was and definitely recommend adding it to your tbr pile.

Minstrel’s Serenade is book one in a new series by Aubrie Dionne. It takes place in a fantasy setting in what looks to be a Medieval like era. Princess Danika is Ebonvale’s new ruler, her father was killed in the winning battle against the necromancers, who faces the new oncoming threat of the wyverns (think dragons) and their mother the She-Beast. Constantly by her side helping her to defeat these beasts is Bron, her Chief of Arms and bodyguard. Bron, having moved up the ranks from humble beginnings and grown up beside Danika takes his job, shall we say, very seriously. In their quest they are also joined by Nip, a boy that survived his village being destroyed by wyverns and holds secret knowledge on how to defeat them, and Valorian, a prince from the House of Song who through his musical abilities can defeat beasts and a good candidate to become Danika’s husband.

This is mostly a road adventure as they are traveling to gather materials to beat the wyverns and then traveling to defeat them. Dionne does a good job of world building, however, since this is fantasy I wish there had been a map or glossary of places and terms so I could immerse myself fully into the story. In the beginning, half my attention was diverted to trying to picture where all these different houses or kingdoms were in relation to each other and figuring out what these new creatures or things resembled. This does only last for around 30% of the story and then you get the hang and flow of things.

This is a clean romance but there is plenty of longing, tension, and chemistry between the lead characters. Danika has strong feelings for Bron but feels she should put her kingdom’s needs first and marry Valorian. Bron, being the broody stand up soldier he is, feels his farm boy lineage would never be good enough for Danika. Valorian? Well, Valorian has feelings for Danika but ends up getting the shaft a lot. Sorry Valorian, maybe you’ll get your own story in the future.

Danika is a wonderful strong , level headed (gets a bit wishy washy dealing with her love triangle at times), and smart female character. Bron is enduring, always there for Danika, and all that is the strong silent broody type. Their push/pull relationship and longing for one another will have you begging for them to have their happily ever after.

As I said, this is a mixture of action, fantasy, and romance. Neither the fantasy or romance side over powers the other and I can see this mightily appealing to both genres. I will definitely be following this series and keeping a lookout for the next one. I personally hope for a grown up Nip :)

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Please consider giving this book a try!  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Seige of the Heart by Elise Cyr

About Siege of the Heart

He fought for king and country, but that battle is nothing compared to the one he’ll wage for a woman’s heart.

Still reeling from the news of her father’s death during the Norman Conquest, Isabel Dumont is unprepared when trouble arrives at the castle gates. Alexandre d’Èvreux, a Norman knight with close ties to England’s new king, has arrived to secure the land and the loyalties of the Dumont family. Desperate to protect her people, Isabel strives to keep the confounding knight at arm’s length and hide the truth about her father’s death.

For Alexandre, the spoils of war come with more than just a generous gift of land. They come with Isabel Dumont. Vowing to marry only for love, Alexandre finds himself in a difficult situation as a conqueror granted dominion over the land and its people. Isabel is the one person capable of helping him win the regard of those living in the war-torn country…if he chooses to accept her.

Just when Alexandre finds a spark of hope that he and Isabel have a chance at love, she vanishes. His quest to find her plunges him deeper into the conquest’s fallout. Was she taken? Or did she leave?

CONTENT WARNING: Entering into this novel may cause extreme affection toward knights of old, admiration for strong-willed women, and the overwhelming belief that love really can conquer all.

Excerpt from Siege of the Heart
They stood there like hunter and prey, but she would be no man’s quarry.
“I am Alexandre d’Évreux. But you, my dear, can call me Alex. I am here to escort Lord Dumont and his family to London, where he is to greet King William. I chose to ignore your questionable arrival when you were with fever.” He walked toward her with a decided prowl to his gait. “Now, I will wait no longer for answers.”
Isabel lifted her chin. “I have questions of my own.”
“I am sure. But first, Lady Isabel, you will explain to me why Matilde thought it necessary to hide your identity from me.”
“I know not.” Her gaze swept over him once more. “Perhaps she thought your intentions were dishonorable.”
A muscle worked in his jaw. “Matilde is extremely loyal to you, no doubt. I assure you, I am acting under orders from William himself. No harm will come to you or your family, but I expect your cooperation.”
She stiffened. “Am I a prisoner?”
“Non, not unless you refuse to cooperate. I only intend to be your family’s escort to London. How easy or difficult that is will be up to you.”

About Elise Cyr

Elise Cyr has always loved adventure, romance, and happy endings. She writes primarily in the medieval period. Because there’s still so much we don’t know about that time in history, the writer’s imagination is essential for fleshing out the research and making it come to life on the page. Plus swords and castles are just plain fun. She lives in New Mexico with her husband and the sweetest dog ever. When she’s not writing, she hikes, bikes, cooks, and (of course) reads. Siege of the Heart is her debut medieval romance. You can follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, or check out her blog.



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Solstice Island by Mae Clair

AUTHOR:         Mae Clair
GENRE:            Romantic Adventure
PUB DATE:      April 2014
LENGTH:          72 Pages

Can an ancient leviathan work magic between a practical man and an idealistic woman?
Rylie Carswell is an amateur cryptozoologist in search of a mythical creature, the Sea Goliath. In order to reach Solstice Island, a location the ancient leviathan is rumored to haunt, she’s forced to hire charter boat captain, Daniel Decatur.
Initially, Daniel wants nothing to do with the trip or the fool woman waving double payment in his face. Convinced she’s yet another loony treasure hunter looking for gold on the remote island, he reluctantly agrees. An embittered neighbor wants to have his charter license yanked, so the extra cash will help him stay afloat.
It doesn’t take long for Daniel to realize Rylie is after the same beast his parents were tracking when they mysteriously vanished ten years earlier. He’s avoided all links to cryptozoology ever since, but the smart and sexy cryptid hunter has him second-guessing his oath and wondering what he’s signed on for.
Warning:  A family legacy, glowing plankton and rough waters.
“I’m busy too,” Rylie snapped. “If you don’t want double your usual fee, I’ll find someone who does.”

That stopped him. It was still early in the season. Double would get him off to a good start before the Memorial Day customers kicked in. He could use the upfront cash. Business stood to be less this year thanks to Gus Claremont’s vindictive slander.

Recalling last season’s accident sent a phantom twinge of pain through the deep scar on his back. Best not to think of that now.

Grimacing, Daniel shoved the wretched memories aside. He hooked his thumbs into the belt loops of his faded jeans and turned to face the woman on his deck. She stood with her arms crossed, her expression sour. The sunglasses were perched on top of her head now, revealing eyes the color of honey, smoldering with agitation.

“Well?” She didn’t stamp her foot but tapped it restlessly. He had to admit she was cute, despite looking indignant and quarrelsome. Maybe he’d misjudged her. She appeared to have backbone even sporting those oversized Gucci sunglasses.

He shrugged, not wanting to come off as eager. “What are we fishing for?”

“Does it matter?”

“I have to allow for rigging and bait.”

“You won’t need either.”

He frowned. “Look, lady, I’m not a tour boat. If you’re in the market for a sunbathing cruise, Keel Beach isn’t the place.”

“I’m not interested in a tan. I need you to take me to these coordinates.” She pulled a creased slip of paper from her pocket and thrust it at him. “Can you do it or not?”

Daniel unfolded the paper, mentally gauging the location. Something cold and ugly crawled through his gut. “This is Solstice Island.”

Mae Clair opened a Pandora’s Box of characters when she was a child and never looked back.  Her father, an artist who tinkered with writing, encouraged her to create make-believe worlds by spinning tales of far-off places on summer nights beneath the stars.
Mae loves creating character-driven fiction in settings that vary from contemporary to mythical. Wherever her pen takes her, she flavors her stories with mystery and romance. Married to her high school sweetheart, she lives in Pennsylvania and is passionate about cryptozoology, old photographs, a good Maine lobster tail and cats.
Discover more about Mae on her website and blog at

Website and Blog
Twitter (@MaeClair1)

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Book Review: Silver Wolf Clan by Tera Shanley

Lovely Paranormal Romance with Creative and Interesting Werewolf Mythos

Grey’s life changes forever the night he saves Morgan and her niece from a werewolf. The wolf bites him and leaves him for dead. Only he doesn’t die, he changes into- not only a werewolf- but the dominant wolf of them all. Without any friends to help him, he lives a lonely life until the werewolves find him. But, he doesn’t feel complete until he finds Morgan and has to have her for himself.

This is such a beautifully told romance. I loved the way Grey watches Morgan, afraid for her safety, then rescues her when she needs it the most. It reminded me of Untamed Heart- one of the best romance movies from my childhood. But, the story doesn’t end there. Since Grey’s a werewolf, he wrestles with the dangers of exposing himself to Morgan, having a relationship with her, and bringing her to meet the clan. Morgan loves him so much, she’s willing to take the risk.

What I loved about this story is the thought-provoking take on werewolves. I loved how Grey had his own personality, and then that of the wolf inside him. It was interesting to see how the dual personalities were at odds with one another. The wolves were so real to me because of Ms. Shanley’s brilliant descriptions of their instincts and their hierarchy. I loved the mythos behind how the wolves evolved over time and how they live with humanity today. There’s a wonderful twist toward the end- which I won’t give away here- which ties it all in very nicely. I almost wanted to be a wolf myself!


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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another Wonderful Release from Inkspell Publishing!

 I am very excited to share with you this new release from my publisher, Inkspell Publishing. They have published my Paradise Reclaimed series, a set of three YA sci fi books called Colonization, Reconnaissance, and Alliance.
Sick to Death:
Are you one of those fans who couldn't get enough of the Lily Drake Series? Lucky for you, we have a special treat! T. Michelle Nelson has written a short novella which gives you a glimpse into Lily's army. At only $0.99, it's a steal! Get your copy today!

Join Lily Drake as she amasses her army.

Growing up dirt poor with an alcoholic mother, Olivia was a target for the mean girls. Dreaming of escaping her small town life, she takes an offer that was too good to refuse. 

Now Olivia believes in vampires and magic as she takes a big step toward her future.

Buy links: 0.99 ebook only

Death Warmed Over
Jonathan Ryan, author of 3 Gates of the Dead writes about Death Warmed Over..."Nelson's Death Warmed Over ends her series in a way that left me gasping for air. She has the gust to go wherever very few writers in this genre dare to go. The book left me full of outrage at the end and that's an excellent thing." 

What doesn't kill you will make you wish it did...

In the conclusion of the Lily Drake series, Lily must choose not only what is best for herself and her son, but for her people.  Her sword will be stained with blood through her efforts to preserve the lives of the people she loves, but she won’t be able to save them all.   
When a devastating loss crushes her will to live, can Lily go on and be the leader she has to be?  What is she willing to sacrifice to save others?

Death comes to everyone... even the Queen's home

Buy Links: 3.99 ebook, 13.99 print

T. Michelle Nelson

T. Michelle Nelson is an American author of paranormal romance. She was born in Benton, Kentucky. There she graduated from Marshall County High School and went on to attend Murray State University in neighboring Murray, Kentucky. She graduated with a degree in Elementary Education in the late nineties. She, however, didn't publish her first book until 2012 when The Life and Death of Lily Drake was released by Inkspell Publishing.
T. says she became enamored with vampires at an early age when she watched George Hamilton in “Love at First Bite.” As she got older, her tastes leaned more toward the dark and morose, but her love of all things vampire never wavered.
When she isn’t writing, T. enjoys traveling, eating ridiculously carb-laden foods, music and canoeing.  She will be working on a new series once the conclusion of the Lily Drake series releases in June of 2014, but looks forward to enjoying some down time with her son, family, friends and her little dog.