Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Book Review: All Wrapped Up in You

A Sentimental Journey During the Most Sentimental Time of Year

Ellie is trying to make a go of it by herself. Her husband is too busy to spend time with her, and she’s sick of being a model doctor’s wife. But, life outside is hard for someone who’s been pampered, and her husband isn’t ready to let her go. Will the Christmas spirit bring them together, or is this the end to a marriage that has all the passion in the world, but needs more communication?

All Wrapped Up in You is a sentimental journey through a couple’s entire marriage. We learn of their first meeting in a library all the way to what the marriage has come to today. I love how passionate they are about one another, and you can tell they have chemistry from the first time they speak to each other. They are meant to be together for sure, but they have a lot of issues to work out. The tension is high, which kept me reading page after page to find out what happens. I truly wanted them to be together.

Ms. Chara writes with great depth and sentimentality, capturing the Christmas spirit. I love how she worked in my favorite Christmas songs throughout the story, and the meaning that they had. I could feel the cold, blustery air and taste the chocolate. Despite the wintry time of year, this read will keep your heart warm on a cold night. 


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Sun Chara said...

Aubrey, thank you!!! for such a wonderful review of All Wrapped Up in You! Your beautiful comments brought tears to my eyes and a smile! x