Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Book Review: Wings of Redemption by Sarah Gilman

A Beautifully Told Lyrical Romance

Saffron marches to the gates of the demon/archangel colony in order to find her sister, Thyme. Her sister disappeared with poachers while hunting archangels, and Saffron fears she’s dead even though she was only there to take pictures. You see, Saffron’s parents are the famous poacher couple who has several sets of wings on display in their house. Little does she know how much hatred towards her family resides within those gates. So much hatred it comes between her and the archangel she grows to love.

This tale is beautifully told in lush, lyrical prose that melted off my tongue. I loved the relationship between Saffron and the archangel Kestral. They had such cute chemistry right from the start, and their little flirtatious jokes made me smile.  I love how each archangel has their own unique powers- that really put a spin on the plot. Having the ability to hear someone’s voice when they are close to death is such an interesting power to have, and I can understand how it has shaped Kestral’s personality throughout the years, distancing him from his peers.

The descriptions of the wings were beautiful, and I love how this story hits on a topic we all need more awareness of. Too many poachers live today killing elephants for their tusks, and other gentle creatures. Kudos to Ms. Gilman for bringing this issue front and center in this tale.


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