Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Marketing Techniques

So there's only 18 days left until the release of Minstrel's Serenade!!! After a not-so-hot last release, I've come up with a new strategy for this book. The publicist at Lyrical Press asked every author if they'd like to help the authors with promo, and I had my name put on the list.
I recently emailed everyone on the list and asked if we could do a blog swap and the response was overwhelming! 12 authors wrote back saying they'd help me with my release. Some of them are doing interviews, others are just plain promo posts, but everything little thing helps. So, in return, I'll be hosting each one of these 12 authors in the next couple of months. Be ready to see a lot of great books- mostly from Lyrical Press/Kensington. I already have two authors scheduled for next week. 

In addition to this, I've bought a book release blast and a review solicitation from one of the blog companies I use. If you'd like to sign up for my release day blitz, click here. If you are interested in reviewing click here.

Hopefully, all of this work will help with sales in that first week. Wish me luck!


Rinelle Grey said...

Love the cover! Happy to do a promo post on my blog for you if you like.

Cindy said...

Best of luck! Sounds like you're doing everything right:)