Thursday, January 23, 2014

Writing Update: Submission to Entangled's Embrace Line

So far this year, my writing has been going spectacularly well. (Which is refreshing from such a stale fall) I finished my 2nd manuscript of the year! This one I started way back in June. Titled Earth: Population 2, it's a New Adult contemporary sci fi story about the end of the world. I wrote it exclusively for Entangled Publishing's New Adult line. And yesterday, after reading through the whole thing, I submitted it. Yay! They have a submission system that is very organized and I'll hear back in 8 weeks. If they don't want it, I'm sure my awesome agent will find a home for it.

Now, I'm onto the next book: a contemporary romance due to HarperImpulse by March 17th. This is the companion book to Duets with Michelangelo, which I sold to them this past fall. Duets will be coming out May 15th, and this companion book (titled Diva's Handyman- about an opera singer) will be coming out in August or September if all goes well. *fingers crossed*

Next, I'll be working on the sequel to my fantasy romance, Minstrel's Serenade, which I sold to Lyrical Press- Now a division of Kensington Publishing. This is very exciting for me, because I consider fantasy my home genre.

In EIGHT days Alliance will be coming out from Inkspell Publishing! I think it's the best one of the trilogy, and can be read as a stand alone. If you haven't already, please add it to Goodreads to read. The print book has come out a little early, and you can buy it NOW!! on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

If you have a digital copy of books 1 and/or 2, I'd be happy to sign them for you on Authorgraph.

And that's it for now!!!

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Cherie Reich said...

Congrats for all the good news!

And I think I'll love Diva's Handyman, since I used to sing opera. :)