Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Call Back!

The casting Agency in Boston called me back today. I'm going back at 4:40 tomorrow to play the 1812 Overature on flute and piccolo for the producers of the commercial!!

What is a call back exactly? How many flutists do you think they'll be listening to?
Any ideas or experience in this area would be much appreciated!


Cherie Reich said...

Well, considering my theatre experience, I can tell you what a call back is. A call back is where you have already auditioned once, but they are considering you. They need to see you and whoever else they have called back once more to make their final decisions.

As for how many other people they are calling back, I can't answer that. I was called back once for a musical, and there were quite a few of us. It most likely will be for only a few select people, and you are one of them. It is definitely a good sign. Congrats!

Aubrie said...

Thanks Cherie! This is very helpful for me.