Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Update

The Nightbird Anthology is out in print and can be ordered here!

My short story, Spirit Flight is on page 126.

And I'm happy to report that my short story, Sea Storm's Castaway is published online at Silver Blade.

This is very special for me because my critique partner's story went out in the same issue. You can find her story here.

As for the commercial, I'm still waiting for a call. I went down for a call back last week and they've narrowed it down to 6 flutists. Only me and one other had piccolos as well, and only I had the music memorized. My audition went spectalcularly well so it's hard for me not to hope. I also got to meet "McG" the director of Terminator Salvation and Charlie's Angels, which was way cool seeing that I love movies. It was worth going down there just for that.
I want to thank my devoted sister, Brianne, for going down with me the second time. And I want to thank my devoted critique partners, Cherie and Christine for my writing success!! Thanks guys.

As far as Labor Weekend went, I had two weddings to play at (both on the same day ah!) and went to my brother's house to ride and pet his horses, which was very relaxing. Chris drove the tractor and cut some of their overgrown grass. What did everyone else do for Labor Day?


Cherie Reich said...

I just finished reading "Seastorms Castaway" on Silver Blade. It was SO good! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Congrats on the anthology coming out too!

Unknown said...

Thanks Cherie!

Sounds like you may have an anthology coming out soon too!

Cherie Reich said...

*crosses fingers* I hope so, but we'll see.