Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Short Story Accepted by Wyvern Publications!

I am so excited to report that my short story, Wyvern Hunt, is slated to appear in the 2009 anthology, Dragontales by Wyvern Publications! I just signed the contract today. I was going to wait to send the story in, but I read that they only had a few spots left, so I fixed it up really quick and got a quick response.

Here is their website.

The cover will be an award winning painting. I'll post it once I get a picture.

And yes, this is a PRINT BOOK!


Dulcinea Norton-Smith said...

Congratulations Aubrie. I hear that Wyvern Hunt has a brilliant denoument. Well done. Also @WyvernFanPage has just Twittered about you with a link to your site "Learn more about the authors included in Dragontales (due out October 09). First up meet Aubrie Dionne"

Good Luck

Aubrie said...

Thank you Dulcie!