Friday, July 10, 2009


So far this summer I've sent submissions to the following anthologies. I've only heard back from one (which I got in!) and am waiting (not so patiently!) to hear back from the others.

Here they are:

The Way of the Wizard
Theme: Wizard stories, preferably from other cultures
My story: Cauldron's Brew
Based on the Celtic Legend of the Dagda.
Status: Waiting to hear back

Dragontales from Wyvern Publications
Theme: stories about dragons
My story: Wyvern Hunt
Status: Accepted!

Night Bird Singing in the Dead of Night
Theme: Night bird story
My Story: Spirit Flight
Status: I got in!!! New News 7-26-09

Skull and Crossbones Anthology from Mindancer Press
Theme: Woman pirate story
My Story: Pirate Wannabe
Status: Waiting to hear back

Read Me Publishing Science Fiction Anthology
Theme: What if
My story: Twitch
Status: Waiting to hear back

Motes Books
Theme: Chance
My Story: Caretaker
Status: Waiting to hear back

Waiting is so hard. All I can do is work on my next submission to keep my mind off of it. I'm currently writing at a crazy amount to get my Space Opera done for the Samhain Space Opera Anthology. It's due August 10th!


spiritofbirthdoula said...

Holy Cow! You are one busy lady:-) I am so impressed with your versatile talents! Can't wait to get a paper copy of your published material and drift away in fantasy...

Jennifer Taylor said...

Hope you hear some good news soon. Waiting is the hardest part for me, too.

Al said...

I hate, hate, hate waiting.
Congrats on the success and good luck with the rest of them!