Saturday, September 13, 2014

Game of Thrones Panel at the Granite State Comicon Today!

Gemma Whelan, aka "Yara Greyjoy"
Miltos Yerolemou, aka "Syrio Forel"
Finn Jones, aka "Ser Loras Tyrell"
Daniel Portman, aka "Podrick Payne"
Josef Altin, aka "Pypar or Pyp"

 What they look like in Game of Thrones:

 So, I thought it would be really neat to buy my husband surprise tickets to see the Game of Thrones panel this weekend at the Granite State Comicon. The best part was getting to see all of them happy with smiles on their faces! (Game of Thrones and be so dismal and everyone is always mad at each other and trying to kill each other!) But here they were all laughing and answering questions. I was surprised how funny Gemma Whelan is in person- because she is definitely NOT funny in Game of Thrones. Each of them had a little of their character in them, so it was fun to see why the casting directors chose these people for the roles they did. The actor who plays Loras Tyrell said he originally auditioned for the part of John Snow, but I can see why the directors chose him for the other part. He had the biggest personality of all of them and was so happy to be there. One of the girls in the line for questions asked him if he'd marry her, and he said said and came down and proposed on one knee. Then, gave her a big hug.

One of the funny questions people asked was, "Who would you kill off in the next season?" Finn Jones said he'd love it if the writers did something so shocking it would throw everyone off-like killing Daenerys. He said it would be fun to pick someone who lives in the books to shock everyone who thinks they know what's coming next. And Gemma Whalen said to kill Hodor- everyone was shocked.

My husband and I had a great time. Here we are waiting in line for the panel. (although he was a little freaked out by all the people in costumes.)

This guy had trouble fitting through the door:

I'm not sure what he was- a transformer? He did manage to fit after ducking way down and getting each shoulder in one at a time. Everyone applauded when he made it through. Pretty funny.

Here you can see some of the other people dressed up. There were a lot of Dani's with white blonde hair, and a lot of guys wearing furs like guards of the Night's Watch. If you look closely in the picture below, you can see a pretty good Littlefinger costume (with matching goatee) in the far left corner. The funny part was- the Dani's were all eyeballing each other to see who had the best outfit. I didn't know how competitive this thing got! Good thing I just dressed as myself!

Overall, it was a unique experience and a great thing to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon. We got a lot of walking in, which is always good. And I managed to pick up a few Christmas presents for the people in my family who like comics.

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