Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Hero of Paradise 21

The Hero of Paradise 21


Tall, dark and handsome, Striker is the great great great grandson of James Wilfred (from A Hero Rising the prequel novella), the man who saved the people left on Earth and turned them into space pirates. Deemed unfit to have a seat aboard the colony ships, these people stole the last working space station and created a colony of their own.
Striker inherited James Wilfred’s gallantry, and has spent his life finding a paradise planet for his people. He dreams of a world without need and desperation. He believes space pirates are good people at heart, shaped into rough edges by their circumstances. Forced to eat “recycled food”, the space station is crumbling underneath them, and he wants to save them before they have nothing left.
Although genetically imperfect, Striker is gorgeous. I imagined someone like Clive Owen. (But not as serious!) He has a sense of humor much like Indiana Jones. He’s vulnerable, because his ex-girlfriend stranded him on a desert planet, stealing his ship and his map to Refuge, a paradise planet he hopes to bring the other space pirates to.
When Striker meets Aries, he faces his worst fear: being able to love again. The universe is a cold world, and love got him stranded in the first place. Can he trust Aries? Will he allow himself to love again?

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