Friday, June 27, 2014

Strawberry Picking with the Family

Today we went to J and F Farms in Derry, NH to pick strawberries. Normally, they aren't in season any longer, but this winter was a tough, long, cold winter, so everything is a little behind and here we are! That's my sister, her son, and me. He kept saying, "I need big strawberries to make juice!" I read on the farm's website that little kids eat fruits and veggies better when they pick them themselves, so I think this is a great experience for him.

As you can see, the strawberries are gorgeous. I'm thinking about doing their farm-share program. For $25 a week you get a giant box of fruits and veggies. Some of the things you might get are a pound of apples, a pound of green beans, a melon, 6 ears of corn...all in one week. My sister says since they are so fresh they keep longer, and I kind of like the "grab bag surprise" of what we'd get every week. Plus, I'd like to support the local farms.

Has anyone tried a farm-share?

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