Sunday, June 1, 2014

Movie Review: Godzilla

Action Packed and Visually Stunning

So, I've actually never seen the old Godzilla movies. I went into this not knowing what to expect. I always thought Godzilla was the enemy, but he's the world's salvation in a weird sort of way.You end up rooting for him towards the end, and a few close up shots hint at a conscious mind at work underneath the giant spectacle.

I was most excited to see Byran Cranston because I'd seen him in some of the Breaking Bad episodes and he is such a fine actor. He delivers once again, playing the part of a power plant operator during a catastrophe. I could tell right away why them needed him for this part. He conveys so much depth of emotion. His facial expressions break my heart. I wish he'd had a bigger part in this movie. Once he was out of the picture, the movie lost some of it's power and emotional weight. 

In fact, it was told from so many viewpoints, I had a hard time connecting to each one in the same way I did to Bryan Cranston's viewpoint. Elizabeth Olsen plays the wife of a military officer with a young child at home. She looked so much like the Olsen twins from Full House, I thought she was one of them until I looked her up online and saw that she's their older sister. She's very beautiful and sympathetic, and she was a sweet addition to the cast.

I really liked the science aspect of the movie with the thought of radiation being involved because the dinosaurs were from a time when the radiation levels on Earth were higher. That was neat. I don't think there were ever dinosaurs THAT big, though. The sheer size was a little ridiculous at times. They were so big, they seemed far removed from anything going on in the human world. People were like ants to them, which does take away some of the personal connection. 

Overall, it kept my attention throughout and is a visually stunning, action packed movie.


Beth Caudill said...

I did a Maleficient and Godzilla double feature on Friday. I love Disney and Sleeping Beauty was always a favorite because of the villain (mostly the purple dragon).

Godzilla was different than I expected. Not great but a good entertaining action movie. I had issues with the 'hero' always being the last surviving member of a group but it's fiction. I'd seen some of the older movies when I was small so I knew it would be violent. And I did like the fact they made Godzilla a good guy in this version. I also liked his design. He was kinda cute in that weird monster way. I want my own stuffed Godzilla now.

Christine Rains said...

I think this is one I can wait until DVD. I did see all the old Godzilla movies, though. They were fun!