Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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 The Giveaway
A pair of "Freezing Blue" earrings in honor of my book


About Sleeping Jenny...

As the daughter of multimillionaires, Jennifer has everything she's ever needed, except time. Diagnosed with a form of incurable cancer, she has only months to live, and her dreams of working for National Geographic to save African elephants and polar bears are shattered. Her only hope is an experimental cryogenic freezing program, which will keep her in stasis until doctors can find a cure. The cure comes three hundred years too late, and she wakes to a futuristic world where animals are all but forgotten. 
Descendants of her brother adopt her, and she's thrown back into high school. Exara, the class beauty, calls Jenny the Neanderthal girl, and she becomes more of a sideshow than a member of the senior class. Only Exara's gorgeous boyfriend, Maxim sympathizes with her. Her developing feelings for Maxim are only the beginning of her problems. There aren't any more animals to save, so Jenny involves herself with a rebel group called the Timesurfers, explorers searching the galaxy for another planet to inhabit to clone long-dead animal species. Soon, she must choose between her blossoming feelings for Maxim and her lifelong dream.

I'm so excited to reveal my cover for my YA sci fi book, "Sleeping Jenny," coming out this fall from Spencer Hill Press. This book was contracted over a year ago as the novel "Frozen," so I'm itching to get it out into the world.

The cover is fantastic and embodies exactly what I want from the book. If you sign up, you can put up the giveaway on your blog for your followers as well as winning extra brownie points from me. I'd appreciate anyone who can help!

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