Tuesday, April 9, 2013

*Wipes blood off of face* My Review of Evil Dead 2013

A scary gorefest that invents its own twists while staying true to the original.
***Warning-this movie is pretty gross. It goes where the last movie hasn't gone before***

This is a remake of the 1983 cult horror classic, a movie I watched as kid. You have to like scary movies and splattering blood to watch this. I have to admit I had to look away a few times, just like I did when I watched that movie where the hiker has to cut off his own arm- 127 Hours. If you can get beyond the gore, then there's a cleverly written storyline that pertains to 2013 all the while staying true to the original. 

This time the five friends are not out for fun. They're trying to help someone get over drugs- an issue teens are dealing with way too often today. This is good for them to see- because it shows you how hard it is to get off the drugs- even if you want to. It's almost as hard as vanquishing the evil once you speak the words from the Book of the Dead. Great analogy.

Jane Levy plays Mia, the teen trying to get off the drugs, and the first victim that lends her body to the evil to do its wicked deeds. She is excellent in this part: playing the typical angsty teen with the perfect face to contort into horror, then into mischief.  I loved how this was about her brother's love for her, and how he stays at her side. There's some heart underneath all the blood. 

Shiloh Fernandez plays Mia's brother. He was so good, he made me think of my brother.  He has to walk a fine line between supporting his sister, and believing her. Because what she sees is more than just withdrawal hallucinations. This part of the story was well written and meshed so well with the main plot.

I'd recommend this movie to anyone with a strong stomach who likes gory horror movies. Don't plan to eat anything after for at least three hours.

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