Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Writing Update: Promo Month

Writing has been slow this month. I'm mainly focused on promotion. I've been pushing my new release, Playing the Maestro, like crazy. I'm trying to get the sales rank up on Amazon. When it first came out, it was down to 20k. Right now it hovers in the 60k-100k territory.

I thought I'd share what I'd been doing for promotion in the hopes it would help all of you.

1. Goodreads Ad

I took out a $75 Goodreads ad since this release is ebook only, and I can't give away a physical copy on Goodreads.

Here are my stats:

spent $75.50
views 52,055
clicks 26
ctr 0.05%
cpc $2.90
Statistics state the buyer has to see the book a few times before he/she will buy it, so it's hard to know how this impacted my sales. I tried a lower cost per click, but then I didn't get any views or clicks. There are a lot of books on Goodreads vying for attention. The higher the cost per click, the more likely you'll get the views.

2.  Blog Ads

 If you visit this site, you can take out ads on the sidebar of blogs with heavy traffic. The heavier the traffic, the more the ad costs. For three ads at $51 for all three, I got 8,869 views and 20 clicks. The click rate was .226 percent, and the price per click was $2.55.

3. Blog Tours

In addition to the blog tour Entangled Publishing has set up, I also set up a month long tour with Bewitching Book Tours, and with Reading Addiction Book Tours. Bewitching Book Tours has always increased my traffic and sales in the past. The owner, Roxanne, is on top of everything, and she has a great blog hosts list. The Reading Addiction tours offer a "review tour" in which every stop is a review, so I decided to go with that particular tour, since my other tours are covering interviews and guest posts. Since these tours are in effect right now, it's hard to say what effect they'll have in the long run. I'm giving away a silver music pin and a musical pendant.

My stops today are:

Cherie Reich's Blog: Where I talk about my Most Embarrassing Musical Moment! 

Pembroke Sinclair's blog: Where you can enter my musical pin giveaway!

As a side note, I'm also still promoting my Paradise Reclaimed series because the second book comes out in May. So I'm over at Rinelle Gray's blog talking about how the series ties into my New Dawn series. You can enter to win an ebook of Colonization! 

Feel free to visit and enter! 








Cherie Reich said...

It probably is hard to see what ads work or don't work. I think reviews sometimes work the best. I know I've had sale increases when someone reviews my book on their blog. :)

Jennifer Shirk said...

Wow, I can't believe you're doing 3 tours! I did two at a time and thought I was going to go bald from stress. LOL
Best of luck!!!

Theresa Milstein said...

Wow, interesting you're doing so many different things to get interest for your book. I hope it works! You've still been getting comments on your post on my blog. I hope it translates to a few sales.

Hayson Manning said...

Thanks so much for posting this. Very interesting stats. I really appreciate you sharing. I'm about to fall into this world and it's a big scary world out there.

Christine Rains said...

Thanks for sharing with us your marketing experiences. It's hard to know what works. Word of mouth works best for me, but it's a matter of getting folks talking! Good luck.