Monday, January 7, 2013

Vacation Day Two Continued: On the Movie Sets

Okay, so this is the street where they shot the Dolorian scene for Back to the Future! If you take the normal tour, you drive right by, but if you spend the extra cash for the VIP tour, you can get off the bus and walk around taking pictures.

The city hall building has two different facades, and they switch them out depending on which one they want to use. They walked us up the stairs and showed us the front with the columns used in Back to the Future in the clock scene. Let me tell you, it was surreal being there.

This is Wisteria Lane from the Desperate Housewives. Although I don't watch the show, I do recognize the houses.

The famous Bates Motel. They had a man coming out with a body bag and loading it into the car. He ran at our tour bus and scared the little girl sitting in front of me. The tour guide had to convince her that the man wouldn't run after her at our next stop.
The plane crash scene from War of the Worlds. This was amazing to walk through. They haven't touched it since the movie was filmed. Maybe because they didn't want to pick it up! Maybe because they used a real plane and it's hard to move. But, I'm glad they kept it in tact, because walking through it was like being in the movie.

I wish they kept all of the Lord of the Ring sets as well. There's something really special when you get to stand where a movie is filmed.


Unknown said...

I would have loved to have been there,too. Lucky you.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Awesome pics, thanks for sharing them!

Christine Rains said...

So neat! I love getting this peek at your trip. :)