Friday, November 9, 2012

How Colonization Ties into the New Dawn Series

I’ve just finished the longest and most involved series of my life thus far: a four book, new adult space opera series called The New Dawn series, published by Entangled Publishing. The last installment came out this fall, September 11th.  In between writing books 1 and 2, I took a break and experimented with Colonization: Paradise Reclaimed, my first young adult space opera. This story is directly tied to characters from the book 1 in my New Dawn series.  In fact, some of them, even though it’s three hundred years later, are still living

The main character of Colonization: Paradise Reclaimed is Andromeda Barliss, the great granddaughter of Astor Barliss, the BAD GUY from Paradise 21. You heard me right: her grandpapa is the BAD GUY from the previous book. When Colonization begins, he’s had three hundred years to reflect on his life, and he isn’t quite so bad anymore. You wouldn’t believe what three hundred years of self-reflection can do to a person! 

Astor Barliss is still one of the most complication characters I’ve ever written. He wants to help Andromeda, but he also doesn’t want her to repeat his past mistakes. This book completes his character arc, at the same time starting a new arc in that of his great granddaughter.
You’ll have to read both Paradise 21 and Colonization: Paradise Reclaimed to see the change in Astor Barliss and how it affects his choice with Andromeda.

If you liked any of the New Dawn series, you should definitely give colonization a try! 

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300 hundred years! That sounds really interesting.

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