Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kindle and more than 60 ebooks Giveaway!

In honor of Gypsy Shadow Publishing's third birthday, they are giving away a kindle and 60 ebooks including one of mine!

I've donated my epic fantasy short story, Malicifer, to the gift basket. It's one of my favorite stories, with zombies, swords and sorcery, and a great female protagonist that rises from rags to riches.

Here's GSP's original post:

Join us for our Third Anniversary Celebration! Lots of prizes, discounts and more. Okay, listen (read) up, everyone! We are starting the biggest whirlwind giveaway in Gypsy Shadow's three year history! As I posted earlier, this month marks GSP's THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! 

To celebrate, we want to give you, our fans and customers, a little something in return for being there for us! We'll be having discounts on all purchases all month long, giving away LOTS of free eBooks and giving away a BIG Gift Basket (or two) at the end of the month as well. All entrants will be eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing. More information about the Gift Basket will be posted as the time for give away nears!

Here's the DISCOUNT CODE good for 25% off your entire shopping cart when you purchase eBooks through the GSP website all month. Discount applies to one purchase per customer. CODE: 0L125108

To enter for the free eBooks and the Grand Prize, simply: FOLLOW and COMMENT on our BLOG.

Thanks, and good luck!
The GSP Gang

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 Here are the participating books:

Anne Petzer--Zvonek 1 (5 copies)
Ann Gimpel--Psyche's Prophecy Psyche's Search, Psyshe's Promise
Ann Nibbs--Say a Little Prayer The Dust Storm
Aubrie Dionne--Malicifer (3)
Cairol Dawson--The Dark Side of the Moon
Christianne Charles--Between Land and Sea
Cody Stanford--White Flight, Flight, Tiger Stone
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough--Father Christmas
Garrett Calcaterra--Umbral Visions
Gary Stillman--Not Good Enough, Witch and the Squirrels
Herb Marlow--Winchester Doctor
Jamel DuBois--Murder Gras, Guns Over Africa
Jam Pierson--Calamity Jan and the Russian
Janet French--Silver House
Jeanne Guzman--Dragon Lover (Get contributions for a Kindle?)
Jeffery Scott Sims--All Expenses Paid
Jim Woods--So You Want to be an Author, Hits and Misses, Women With Weapons
John Des Fosses--The Cat Lottery
John Paulits--Philip and the Angel
John Rosenman--Bagonoun's Wonderful Songbird, Childhood's Day
JulieStahl--Fortunes Told
Katalin Nagy--The Birth of Races
Kathleen Allen--If It's Monday, Murder
Ken Hart--Behind the Gem
Lee-Ann Vinson--Love's Trust, Georgia's Smile
Len Dawson--Everyone is on the Take, The Devil's Alibi
Lselie Soule--Birds of a Feather, Worlds Divide
Lindsey Duncan--Taming the Weald
Lisa Farrell--The Cursed
Mark Henderson--Fenella and the Magic Mirror
Olga Livshin--Twist of Luck
Russell James--Touch and Go
Sara Dean--Forgiving Jesse
Snjezana Marinkovic--Born in Sarajevo
Stan Carter--Petchy Maligula
             Depraved Dances of Taram Zhod
Stephen M. DeBock--Morgen, A Cross to Bare, The Bridge Between Worlds, Lucky Break
Steve Foreman--Beneath the Surface
Steven P. Marini--Connections
Tamara Lovery--Blood Curse (3)
Teel James Glenn--Love Gods and Labyrinths
Tracey L. Pacelli--Time Warped
Violetta Antcliff--Jason and the Corner Shop Mystery

And here's the link to enter one more time!

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