Thursday, November 3, 2011

Writing Update

The best news from October is that Entangled Publishing accepted my Novella tentatively titled A Hero Rising for publication early next spring! This novella ties into the New Dawn series, telling James Wilfred's story. (Striker's great great great grandfather), and chronicles the fall of Old Earth.

In A Hero Rising, Earth is covered in skyscrapers due to over population, and we've exhausted the mineral source on the moon. Gangs run the lower levels, while the rich live in luxury at the very top where the last greenhouses are.

I can't tell you much more, but it's going to have zombies! (Not the traditional kind, but with a sci fi twist to it.)

Other than that, I'm currently writing Haven 6, the third book in the New Dawn series, due at the end of January. I'm clocking in 2k a day to get it done! (So no NaNoWriMo this year).

Colonization, the YA tie in to The New Dawn series is still in submission. I've had two full requests from big time publishers, so my fingers are crossed!

I have two book signings coming up:
November 5th at the Weare Winter Festival from 1-3
November 12th at the Manchester Barnes and Noble (my dream come true!) from 2-4

What's new with you? Any good writing news to share?


Cherie Reich said...

Yay for the news! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you about Colonization.

I'm doing NaNo, so it's consuming my life already. *laughs* Okay, not exactly, but it's great to get back to just writing. I'm enjoying the novel and am learning new things about the story and the characters as I write (even though it's out of order).

Unknown said...

Yay! Can't wait for the novella, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that YA series!

Nicole Zoltack said...

Awesome, awesome news!

I'm doing Nano and PiBoIdMo so I'm busy with those.

Southpaw said...

That is just really cool! I like all the ties ins.

Christine Rains said...

That is awesome news! Ooh, zombies with a sci-fi twist. You have me right there. :) I'm doing NaNo this month and it's going well now that I've locked up my inner editor.