Saturday, October 29, 2011

Interview with GSP author, Janet French

I'm excited to welcome another fellow Gypsy Shadow Publishing author, Janet French. She writes epic fantasy, one of my all time favorite genres!

1. How did you find Gypsy Shadow Publishing (my publisher, too!), and why did you decide to use them?

I spent years getting nowhere in the Catch 22 situation of traditional publishing. Publishers don't want submissions except from agents, agents like a track record, neither of them want fantasy as a genre despite the massive market. My son said he was reading mostly ebooks, why didn't I look at that? So I Googled (other search engines are available) and started down the list. Once I pruned out the vanity publishers and the wrong genre ones, Gypsy Shadow was the first I tried. When Denise said yes and by the way the contract would be for the series, I nearly mailed back and asked if she was sure.

2. Tell us about your new release, The Cardanon Chronicles:

The Silver House is the first of the Cardanon Chronicles. It starts when the Zashran invaders overrun the City of Cardanon. The Mothers of the Silver House hide the city's children and the House in the strands of the Power that weave this world together. Our group of young adventurers are thrown together in their flight from the city. They have to grow up fast as they travel and find they are not just saving their own lives, the Silver House depends on them for its safety and the rest of the world has to be alerted to the threat of the Zashran.

3. What inspired you to write about dragons and magic? (Two of my very favorite things!)

What else is there to write about? If I was being serious I would say I was exploring the problems of a religious authority working alongside a secular power, but really! Dragons are cool and magic is real.

4. Who is your favorite character in the book, and who do you picture when you write about him/her?

Difficult choice. I wouldn't want any of them to think I had favourites so don't tell! Marka and Genya were my rocks through The Silver House but the quirkier characters call me to write more about them. Bertran, Agbani and Leroc make me laugh and I am so in love with Organt (hopelessly of course). I adore Mutt. I keep a book of dog breeds by me to be sure my dogs are right. Mutt looks like a brindle cairn terrier.

5. What is the picture on your cover of?

The picture is an old carving of oriental dragons. The dragons are not quite right for mine, a bit too snaky, but the stained stone and cracked tile behind set the atmosphere for the fall of Cardanon perfectly.

6. What are you currently working on?

Book 2 of the Chronicles of course! It will be called The Ruby Princess. Each book is complete in itself but there is an awfully long way to go before we sort these Zashran out.

7. This question is really important: What do you think about unicorns? I'd love to write about them, but I'm not sure anyone wants to read about unicorns anymore.

Who have you been listening to? Unicorns are tops at just about everything. Come to think of it, maybe you should leave them alone, I am sure I could fit one in.

8. Any advice for writers?

Advice? From me? Wow! I just wrote a story and dumb luck took it from there.
Thank you for doing the interview!!!
It is an honour and a pleasure to be asked. Thank you!

You're welcome, Janet!

If you'd like to purchase The Silver House. You can do so here.

Janet also has a website.

You can follow @cardachronicles on Twitter for updates!


Catherine Cavendish said...

Lovely interview and I really enjoyed learning more about your work, Janet. I love fantasy in its many forms. BTW, Unicorns are wonderful, magical and we need more of them in this day and age. Just my opinion, you understand...

Sutton Fox said...

Interesting interview! Congrats on your release, Janet.

Casting my vote as "yes" for more unicorns!