Thursday, August 13, 2009

Writing Update: Submissions

Just the word "submission" makes me excited! It's all the possibilies that come with it. It's what makes me check my email everyday! Every submission is a lottery ticket.

Today I got a reply from Wild Rose Press concerning my query for my Carnival of Illusions Series. They want to see the first story, Seer's Destiny. So I submitted that immediately! It would be great to write for them. They actually have a fantasy/romance line which fits my style rather well.

I also submitted to another anthology today: Appalachian Holiday Hauntings. It took me forever to memorize the spelling for Appalachian, and it took another few days to research which states are really in the Appalachians. I have relatives in North Carolina, so I started with that and went from there. Then, I had to tie it in to all of the things associated with Appalachia (civil war, trees, eagles, southern food) and flavor it with a dose of Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol: per guideline requirements. Phew!

Here's what I came up with:

Camilla Lee is a scrooge. Consumed with her career as a virtuoso violinist, she regrets going home for the holidays and is embarrassed by her parents’ simple life in the boonies. She’s lost the meaning of Christmas and it’s up to three spirits: an old civil war general, a bald eagle, and a long lost miner, to set her heart right again.

I still haven't heard back from Way of the Wizard, and I'm sitting on the edge of my seat to hear back about my Samhain Space Opera. They said that they would choose by the end of the month....which draws near.

What the longest time you've had to wait for a submission? And how many submissions do you have out there in cyberspace?


Cherie Reich said...

So far, the longest time I've had to wait for a submission is around three months or so. I'm still waiting to hear back from my story for the All About Eve anthology. Even though I did hear back from them to say that they are considering my story, I won't know until sometime in September, if it was accepted, and I sent the story in May.

Currently, I have four short stories out there: "Soul Survivor" with Emerald Tales; "Hell Has No Fury" with Wolfsinger Publications for their All About Eve anthology; "Bella's Battle" for the Skulls and Crossbones anthology; and "Once Upon a December Nightmare" with Wild Child Publishing. I won't know about any of them until September-October. I will also send out "Eclipse" to Fantasy Magazine in September.

I hate waiting! *laughs*

Angie said...

Congrats on all your subs. I hope you get them all accepted! I have two short stories that I'm waiting to hear about, one novel full submission, and one novel query.

Aubrie said...

Wow that's a lot of submissions for both of you! I guess that's what we have to do as writers to keep the momentum going. It's nice to know that others are in the same boat as me...waiting and submitting more.

Thanks for replying!

Sandra Cox said...

What about you, Ms. Aubrie. Are you going to enter?