Thursday, June 18, 2009

Short Stories!

Right now I'm trying to get some of my short stories into magazines. I have three submissions at three different publications.

Here are the titles and the blurbs. Which one seems the most interesting to you as a reader?

1. Medusa's Lament, 1105 words (almost flash fiction)

Medusa's Lament is a fantasy short story about the sense of isolation and inner turmoil facing a cursed woman. When a warrior comes to slay her for a prize, she embraces his triumph and welcomes an end to her suffering. But the warrior is consumed with curiosity and, at the last moment of the fight, takes off his blindfold to look in her eyes. The irony is that he becomes her greatest prize.

2.Sea Storm's Castaway 1943 words

Sea Storm's Castaway is an urban fantasy short story about a mermaid that beaches herself on shore during a violent storm. Written from the viewpoint of a young woman, it centers around her quest to rescue the mermaid at all costs, even if it means her own life.

3. Caretaker 2795 words

On the way to a business retreat, Beth veers around two baby birds in the middle of the road forcing her to stop her car. She is unaware that it’s a trick meant to lure her into the forest. When she trudges through the underbrush in search of their mother, she is grabbed by a multitude of tiny, pale hands. A band of little, elfin people have drawn her into the woods to request help. Her journey brings her more than she bargains for, and leads her to question the nature of her life, delivering a destiny that is much more fulfilling than business obligations and financial numbers.

I'll keep you updated on where each one finds a home!


Suzette Saxton said...

Wow, Aubrie, these stories sound great! I've no doubt you'll see them published.

Aubrie said...

Thank you Suzette! The more I write the better chance I have so I just keep trying. It must be neat to be published in a magazine.

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