Monday, November 24, 2008

My Main Characters

All of my books have a strong female protagonist. Growing up, I loved to read about main characters that were girls just like me! It made the story that much more relatable and exciting. Sometimes I envisioned myself in the main role, defeating the sorcerer, or riding the unicorn. I think it's important to have strong female characters!

Here are the protagonists of my books:

from Messenger in the Mist
Star Nightengale

Star is highly intelligent and driven to succeed. She grew up in the slums of the outerdistrict, a few steps from the dangerous outskirts of the Kingdom. She has an ethereal beauty with pale skin and hair white as winter. Although she is the only character of mine that is not magical, Star has the ability to develop her skills and realize her dreams. She worked diligently her whole childhood to train her horse, Windracer, in order to join the elite riders of Evenspark. In Messenger in the Mist, she must choose between love and the career she has worked so hard to build.

from Dreams of Beauty
Emme Quinn

Emme is the most plain and shy of all of my characters. Growing up sequestered on the fringes of Briarswood, Emme develops a timid demeanor in public, and a whimsical longing in her heart. Although she is not skillful like Star, she has paranormal abilities, and is able to see the past in her dreams. She must overcome her fears to rescue her heart's desire and save the town she had grown to love.

from The Voices of Ire:
Azalin Sunmerrier

Azalin is fiesty, but also very practical and responsible. This comes from her upbringing on a farm in a rural community. She is beautiful in an old fashioned way, with freckles and blonde curls. She is also very talented in magic, but interestly enough, doesn't want her talent because it has only brought her problems. Everything changes for her when a white haired wishcaster arrives on her doorstep, asking her to save their kingdom.

Let me know which character stands out the most for you. Which one do you relate to? Which one do you want to read about?

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Anonymous said...

I personally relate and would like to read more about Elle...I love reading about the shy "underdog" coming out of her shell. I think it is important for women to write good strong characters because--lets face it a male author can't write a female character as well as a woman.