Thursday, November 20, 2008

All State Auditions

Good Luck to all of my flute students participating in the All State tryouts this weekend!

I am proud to have five high school students trying out, and two college students assisting with the auditions.

I know it's a nerve splitting process, but it makes you stronger as a musician and as a person. No one likes rejection (authors above all else come accross this more times than not), but if you can get through the process, the end result is totally worth every dejection along the way!

Feel free to post any All State stories or experiences that you've come accross in your flute playing!


Anonymous said...

Hey Aubrie. Great website! All-State is so much fun and sooooo much work. I'm glad I did it. The judge gave me a top score and he was even a professor of music at a college.

Aubrie said...

Yes, the judges at All State are usually professionals in their field. Not only do they give you a score, but they write great feedback so you can improve for future auditions. That's why it's good to audition every year, starting as a freshman.

I judged back in 2002 and 2005.