Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Family Day Today

I'm taking a quick break from all of my blog guests this week to show you this wonderful picture from today. My sister came over with my niece and nephew, and I had the best day in a long time.

Before they came, I bought a few toys at Wal-Mart, and they knew they had some surprises, so they were excited. I had all the toys lined up, so when they came in their faces lighted up. They played with my dog and the toys. But, the hit of the day is still my Ipad. Here we are doing finger art. This game plays the Nutcracker theme while you choose what to draw with, and then light up the screen. They love it.

After playing at my house and eating lunch, we walked to Billy's Frozen Yogurt and had dessert. I love those forzen yogurt shops where you can choose as many flaovrs as you want, and then add in all the toppings.I rationalize the extra calories by telling myself it's yogurt, not ice cream. So, I can add a few chocolate chips and cookie dough bites on top.

Then, we walked to Big Lots and did some shopping. We found a wonderful Christmas present for my dad. They had these giant 4 by 5 foot greenhouses for sale for 75% off- so we got a 70 dollar greenhouse for 18. My dad is going to have a very large present to unwrap at Christmas time! And, the best part is that it will remind him of the spring just around the corner. I love buying presents for my parents along with another one of my siblings. It makes the gift that much more special.

Over all, it was a wonderful day and a great break from my writing. Tomorrow I go back to the music school for a meeting, and Friday I start teaching at the University. So this was truly my last day of summer. What a great way to spend it!

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Mia Hayson said...

Sounds like such a fabulous day! Drawing on the iPad is super fun, I'm not surprised they loved it!

Good luck with teaching!