Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Falling for Books Blog Hop

In honor of this fantastic blog hop by Lily Bloom Books, I've dedicated this post to books I've fallen for! These are books that I couldn't get over when I finished because they had such an impact on me, or because I missed the characters or the world so much. Check them out and see what you think. Maybe you should add a few to your TBR list?

If you stick around until the end of this post, you can enter a giveaway to win one of my books- a book that you will fall for- I hope!

Books That I Fell Hard For:

1. Never Let me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro  
2. The Road by Cormac McCarthy
3. Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn
4. The Light ages by Ian R. Macleod
5. The Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
6. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
7. Life as We Knew It y susan Beth Pfeffer
8. Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
9. If I stay by Gayle Foreman
10. What Happens to Men When They Move to Manhattan by Jill Knapp

Now for the Giveaway!!!

One lucky winner will win an ebook of my latest release from HarperImpulse!!

An Italian paradise is the last thing she wants... but the one thing she needs!

Surely any girl would kill for the chance to tour Italy's most famous cities for the summer? To experience the warmth of the Tuscan sun, the culinary delights of the pizzerias and caff├ęs and to stroll along the cobbled streets of the City of Love itself...

Any girl apart from ambitious oboist Carly Davis that is! For her, the Easthampton Civic Symphony's latest European tour is one massive inconvenience. She can't even put her smartphone down long enough to snap a picture of the Coliseum.

Only, there's one Italian attraction that Carly hadn't quite expected to be a part of the tourist route...
Tour guide Michelangelo is as dark and delicious as Carly's morning espresso. And when she needs a few lessons in the language of love to land her an important gig, he's a more than capable tutor.

But with her promising career back in Boston, can Carly really afford to lose her heart in Italy?

Please visit the other blogs on this hop to win more prizes! 

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