Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oblivion Movie Review

A New Spin on a Smorgasbord of Science Fiction Ideas

Without going into spoilers, this movie instantly reminded me of all the science fiction movies I've watched in the past. I can see why a lot of critics have called it cliche. There was even three particular scenes that were very close to scenes in my own science fiction books- which is kinda cool and kinda scary at the same time. Am I that cliched when I write? If they worked here, do they work in my own writing?

 BUT, even though the ideas were reminiscent of past movies-The Matrix, Moon, The Day After Tomorrow, even Planet of the Apes- I still enjoyed watching it. Tom Cruise is such a fine actor, and he gives a convincing performance with an unbelievable character arc. AND he never ages. He looks the same as he did ten years ago. Kudos to him for having such a youthful store of energy.
Some of the twists I never saw coming. And the visual imagery is sublime. Morgan Freeman is hilarious, and the action sequences are fantastic.

If you don't mind a rehash of common science fiction tropes, with a few surprises, then you'll enjoy this movie.


Kate Evangelista said...

I agree on the cliches, as a ravenous viewer of films. If they delved deeper into the story, I think they would have found a better saving grace. But I did enjoy watching Oblivion. Not a waste of time at all. :-)

Unknown said...

I've heard a couple of good reviews for this movie. Will have to check it out once it's on DVD I think!