Thursday, April 18, 2013

Preparing for My Next Barnes and Noble Signing

Okay, so my last signing didn't go as well as I would have liked. Store traffic was down, and no one seemed interested in visiting our table. I have another signing coming up this Saturday, April 20th at the Manchester, NH Barnes and Noble from 2-4. I've come up with a few ideas to make Saturday's signing go better.

#1. I ordered limited edition print books of A Hero Rising to give away to the first four people that come to my table. These books are not available as print books anywhere since it's a novella, so that should attract a few people.

#2. I'm giving away stickers with the best part of each of my book covers on it along with my website. Everyone likes stickers, right? I got these at Zazzle dot com for only $4.50 a sheet. I'm going to have the manager announce that anyone that comes to my table is eligible for a few free stickers.

#3. I'm bringing my mailing list. Anyone who signs up will get a free ebook. Hopefully, even if I don't sell a lot on Saturday, I'll get a few emails to add to my ever-growing list.

What I don't want is to sit there looking bored for two hours with no one to talk to. At the last signing I had Jus with me, but this one I'm all alone. Wish me luck!  I'll keep you updated and let you know how Saturday goes!


Cherie Reich said...

Stickers are awesome! Interesting to note, besides keychains, I used to collect stickers.

I hope the signing goes well. Free swag is always good. :)

Amy Jarecki said...

Having a print book is great. I always stand and say hi to everyone that walks past, and hand them a book mark. Some people will stop and talk even if they don't buy a book.

Good luck!

Christine Rains said...

Great ideas! Good luck. :)