Monday, August 27, 2012

Blog Tour is Filling Up!

September 10th- Cherie Reich- Review
September 11th- Rosalie Lario-Guest Post-How I Feel at the End of My Series-
September 11th- Cherie Reich- Teaser Tuesday/ Cher Green-Promo
September 12th- Ashley Williams- Review- Character Interview-Eri 
September 13th-Michelle McClean- Promo and Review 
September 14th- Kyra Lennon- Promo/Melissa Haggerty Reading it All-Review.
September 15th- Hywela Lyn-Promo
September 16th- Diana Lyndsay- Guest Post- Designing Book Covers
September 17th- Laura Kaye-Guest Post- Main characters in Haven 6 Kayleigh @ K-Books 
author interview and review
September 18th- Theresa Milstein-Guest Post- On Writing A Series/ Jessica of Novel Reaction-Guest post and review
September 19th- Pippa Jay-Promo
September 20th- Cher Green-Guest Post-Tricks to keep Writing on those Hard Days
September 21st- Jill Marie- Guest Post-The Commander-A Brain in a Box
September 22nd-Kathleen Allen-Guest Post-What Makes Space Opera so Awesome 
September 23rd-Kerry Adrienne- Guest Post- The Monsters in Haven 6
September 24th-Caridad Pineiro- Guest Post- What I Pictured for the Planet Haven 6
September 25th- Natalie Damschroeder-Guest Post-Stereotypes in Sci-fi/ AO Bibliosphere Excerpt
September 26th- Julieann Thomas-Review
September 27th- Christine Rains-Guest Post- Romance in Science Fiction/Evie Knight- Interview
September 28th- Joanne Stewart - Interview
September 29th- Christine Rains-Review
September 30th- J.K. Coi/ Chloe Jacobs- Guest Post- What's in My Writing Future-
October 1st- Suzie Bunny's Review- Spotlight/ Juliette Hill One Vintage Heart-Guest Post-The Pairing System
October 2nd Vintage Vonnie- Interview and Rachel Brimble- Interview
October 3rd- Julie Anne Lindsey-Guest Post- Reading the Slushpile
October 4th- Shari the Delight Reader-Character Interview- Striver and Review
October 5th
October 6th Nicole Zoltak-Guest Post- Are We Alone?/ AO Bibliosphere Review
October 7th Carole Anne Carr- Guest Post- My Favorite Children's Books
October 8th Beth Yarnall- Character Interview- Aquaria
October 9th Cherie Reich-Guest Post/ Shannon at Cocktails and Books-Character Interview- Commander Grier
October 10th Rebecca Hart Interview
October 11th Rosa Sophia/ Dana Alma Review
If you are not on the list, you may have missed my mass email with the tour info. Just let me know in a comment or email me, and I can set you up.  

I have this awesome necklace to giveaway tour wide:


Cherie Reich said...

I'd like to have you on my other blog for a guest post on October 9th, if it's still open. The topic can be your choice.

The other dates are right. :)

Christine Rains said...

I have your guest post ready to go on the 27th. I'll post your review on another day. Did you want to do it on one of your empty days, or shall I just post it when I'm done reading?

Beth Yarnall said...

I'd love to have you on my blog Oct 8, 10, or 11. You can do a guest post or interview, your choice. Email me

Anonymous said...

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