Thursday, July 19, 2012

Promo: Wild Point by Kate Lutter

Wild Point Island  
By Kate Lutter

Banished from Wild Point Island as a child, Ella Pattenson, a half human-half revenant, has managed to hide her true identity as a descendent of the Lost Colony of Roanoke.  Thought to have perished, the settlers survived but were transformed into revenants--immortal beings who live forever as long as they remain on the island.

Now, Ella must return to the place of her birth to rescue her father from imprisonment and a soon to be unspeakable death.  Her only hope is to trust a seductive revenant who seems to have ties to the corrupt High Council.  Simon Viccars is sexy and like no man she’s ever met. But he’s been trapped on the island for 400 years and is willing to do almost anything for his freedom.

With the forces of the island conspiring against her, Ella  must risk her father, her heart, and her life on love.  

About the Author

Kate Lutter believes she was born to write. She wrote her first novel when she was in eighth grade, but then almost burned her house down when she tried to incinerate her story in the garbage can because she couldn’t get the plot to turn out right. Now, many years later, she lives in NJ with her husband and five cats (no matches in sight) and spends her days writing contemporary paranormal romances, traveling the world, and hanging out with her four wild sisters. She is happy to report that her debut novel, Wild Point Island, the first in a series, has just been published by Crescent Moon Press. She is busy writing the sequel and her weekly travel blog entitled Hot Blogging with Chuckwhich features her very snarky and rascally almost famous cat.


Kate Lutter said...

Thanks, Aubrie, for hosting my book, Wild Point Island, on your site today. I hope your readers are willing to take a chance on it. It was so much fun to write and truly a dream come true that I can hold it in my hands--the gorgeous cover--there is no greater thrill for a writer than to see her book published. By the way, I love the name of your site--flutey words. Are my words flutey?? Is that a good thing???? Take care. Kate Lutter

Aubrie said...


Glad to have you hear! Your novel sounds amazing and I hope it sells lots! The blog is named Flutey Words because I'm also a flutist! Thanks for the compliment!