Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ARC review: Frozen Heart by Annabelle Blume

Frozen HeartFrozen Heart by Annabelle Blume

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first half of Frozen Heart chills your blood, while the second warms your heart.

My favorite line, “Just because we don’t run away doesn’t mean we’re mindless drones…”

Cressenda lives alone in an ice age, a post-apocalyptic world where memories of a Green Age still linger. If freezing to death isn’t enough, she must battle giant snarly beasts made from genetic experiments, avalanches, Reapers, falling icicles, and last but not least: The Affinity: a controlling, totalitarian government that matches people in order to improve low birth rates. Phew! That’s a lot.

While trading in town, a thief grabs her bag. She knows she shouldn’t follow him, but her anger gets the better of her, and she draws attention to herself. By a stroke of luck, the handsome, guard that reads her key card is a sympathizer, and doesn’t report her. She’s just about to leave when a blizzard warning erupts over town, and her only chance is to follow the guard home, leaving her vulnerable to everything she’s ever feared.

Annabelle Blume creates an intriguing sci fi world. I loved reading about Cressenda’s resourcefulness. She’s lived alone with her two sled dogs for ten years, and she knows how to hunt, cook, fight Reapers, and even build a solar panel. Beckett was a mystery to be unraveled, and my heart went out to him as I learned his tragic story. The heat between them steams up their icy world. Frozen Heart is a sci fi, dystopian novel with a blazing romance at its core.

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Cherie Reich said...

Great review! It sounds like an awesome book.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard of this book, but love the sound of it. Cool cover.

Christine Rains said...

Wonderful review. I like the premise and the cover is gorgeous.