Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review of White Heart by Sherry Jones

White Heart by Sherry Jones

Engrossing Political Intrigue

Blanche de Castille is the White Queen of France, using her beauty for power. Little does she know the very beauty she flaunts inspires a traitor to poison the King, and by her own vanity, she loses her first love forever. Now she must defend her young son’s throne and herself against suitors that would steal it under her nose.

White Heart flows like beautiful music, every sentence crafted in a smooth lyrical tone that entranced me as I read. I was so impressed with how well-crafted the whole story was right down to the rich historical atmosphere and thick political intrigue. Blanche is such a strong and clever woman, and I loved reading about her thoughts and actions in such a trying time. Her bravery and gumption carries the story, and I rooted for her the whole time. The opening scene grabbed my attention and the story spiraled on from there with nonstop turmoil.

This is a prequel to Jones’s upcoming release FOUR SISTER, ALL QUEENS. Blanche is the mother-in-law of one of the four sister-queens, and I can’t wait to find out what happens! 

Coming soon: My review for Four Sisters, All Queens

I'm currently engrossed in this fantastic book and will have the review up soon. It's amazing.  I don't usually read much historical fiction, but I love it. Sherry Jones has a new fan in me!

Join me and Sherry Jones for an interview here on my blog on May 11th! I'll be posting the review towards the end of the month. 

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