Friday, December 23, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Memory

Growing up, we always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. My parents didn't like getting up early, and they didn't want all the pictures to be of us in our pajamas! Actually, it worked out well so we could visit our grandparents on Christmas Day.

So, my mom used to dress me and my sister up in pretty Christmas dresses, bundle us up, and my dad would take us out for a Christmas Eve walk down our street to look for Santa. While he took us out, my mom would scurry around and take out all the presents and lay them out underneath the tree. When we got back she say, "You just missed him!"

At the sight of all the presents under the tree, we wouldn't care! Some presents would be addressed from "mom and dad", and some, the really special ones, would be from "Santa."

I actually felt lucky that Santa always visited our house first, and then some people had to wait all the way until morning to get their presents. He was much better than the mail man, who always came to our street at the end of the day.

As we got older, I kind of caught on to their tactics, but I kept playing along for my younger sister's benefit, and also because I still had fun on that nightly Santa walk.

What's your favorite Christmas tradition or memory?


C D Meetens said...

Right now, with you asking about a favourite memory, one from Christmas eve popped into my head.

When we were younger, my family would go to a friends for Christmas Eve. Each year, the usual suspects would get together for dancing, fun, and food. Just before midnight, we'd all sit in the lounge, and the same gentleman would read "The Night Before Christmas".

I loved listening to him read that story.

Christine Rains said...

Aw, that's such a sweet tradition. Do you still have your sister fooled? ;) Your nephew is lucky to have such a wonderful family and I bet you all will make Christmas a magical time for him too.

We'd always leave carrots for Santa's reindeer, and cookies and a beer for Santa!

Cherie Reich said...

That's such a sweet tradition.

We used to go to my mom's parents' house on Christmas Eve and my dad's parents' house on Christmas Day. I also remember my dad or someone used to wear boots and jingle bells outside my room. Or I at least heard that once when I was young.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Aw, what a beautiful tradition! Dad used to always read to us kids Twas the Night Before Christmas right before bedtime on Christmas Eve. When we woke up on Christmas, Santa would always hide two presents in our rooms and leave one on the stairs for each of us. Those, and our stockings, we could open before getting Mom and Dad up. LOL Clever way for them to get some extra sleep.

Angie said...

What a lovely memory. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!