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Book Tour and Giveaway Demonsoul

I'm pleased to welcome author Amy Lunderman. She's here to promote her new release, Demonsoul. She has a great character profile for us, and there's a giveaway!!

About the Author…

Amy Lunderman is a stay at home mom, with a passion to write paranormal romantic thriller's whether they be adult or young adult. She lives in Rhode Island with her fiancé and their beautiful daughter. She enjoys writing, reading, being a mom, watching movies and television, having dance party, youtube, and status updates on facebook.

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Character Profile: Daria Pigwidgeon

In Demonsoul (The Misadventures of Daria Pigwidgeon), Daria is not only the main character by also the narrator. Here is a character profile, to help understand her better and where she is coming from:

NAME: Daria Pigwidgeon
AGE: 16
WEIGHT: 100 pounds
BIRTH DATE: November 1st, 1995
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown
BIRTHPLACE: Bakersfield, Ca

DRESS (Style, colors): Used to hand-me-downs that never fit, she prefers anything that does; namely hoodies of the pink variety.

DESCRIPTION OF HOME: She ran away from home, and now has her own apartment in that of an in-law garage loft. It’s the first real space that she has ever considered her own.

DOMINANT CHARACTER TRAIT: She is skittish and nervous around people, mostly because she has only ever been around her family her whole life.
SECONDARY CHARACTER TRAIT: She basically takes everything that happens to her in stride and when she is used to certain things, she becomes more forward with how she feels.

BEST FRIEND: Ashley Harris (though against her better judgment at first) kind of grew on her.

OTHER FRIENDS: Chance Harris (Ashley’s older brother), Toby Reed (her co-worker), and maybe Jane (Ashley’s friend).

ENEMIES and WHY: Her family. Ever since she was younger they would always torment her and would very likely try to kill her in not for her abilities.

FAMILY: Has never been close with her parents or with her older brothers and sister. They only somewhat tolerate one another, meaning Daria does her best to keep under the radar until she couldn’t anymore.

What kind of person is character with others (name persons and describe interaction): With her family growing up, she has always been on the offense making sure she is relatively safe. With everyone else, she is trying to become someone new, but it’s making her a nervous rec. She stumbles over her words and sometimes even over her feet, and everywhere she looks she expects there to be a threat.
Sees self as: She is mostly ashamed of whom she is and would give anything to be normal. Being a demon is something she never wanted, and her soul reminds her of that. Of course, her soul just gives her something of a conscious, which other demons lack. Therefore, she works hard to keep herself in check and her abilities reined in.

Is seen by others as: A nervous twitchy frail girl that is in need of saving, at least to everyone that isn’t her family.

Sense of humor: Her humor is kind of bland, and takes some getting used to. Mostly, she uses anger as a natural defense, so her funnies are somewhat lacking. To everyone but herself anyway. She finds her humor hilarious.

Temper: She is used to taking a lot of grief over the years, but is through taking it now. Trying to be normal takes its toll while living in the open and she finds herself slipping at the worst times. Then there is the fact of her abilities, they feed on her moods. She isn’t someone to sneak up on and expect no retaliation.

Basic nature: She is a demon since birth, but is an abomination of her kind because of her soul. Luckily, her abilities are more for defense which she is in great need of, since her family is her threat. Her main ability is something she calls a memory block, which is what it sounds like. She can block herself from someone’s memory as long as she keeps it up; this allows her to avoid many confrontations. Her second ability is more of a reflex warning system. She calls this her inner-Taser, which again is what it sounds like. If threatened or afraid, a shock emits from her hands and zaps who or whatever is the object of her fear. It has known to have the strength of that of a lightning bolt, but she avoids any and all confrontations.

Ambitions: Her main goal is to be just a normal girl and free of her past. This is made easy by running away and starting over somewhere new.

Educational background: She never went to school growing up, and taught herself everything she knows. It helps that she has a photographic (literally) memory courtesy of her abilities. Going to school for the first time is something she is excited about, but it’s not what she expected.

Work experience: Her first job is at a sandwich shop, working with a new acquaintance Toby Reed. He welcomes her with open arms and shows her the ropes. She values this experience, since it’s her only source of income and the only thing allowing her to stay where she is; without using her abilities that is.
Philosophy of life: “Under all my soft girl exterior, and inner demon, turns out I’m more girl than demon.”

Habits: She likes her independence and is sure to not accept too much help from others, and doesn’t talk unless talked to first that is until she is comfortable. She prefers solitude to groups, as it’s something she grew up doing and is used to it.

Talents (when character looks good): Her memory block and inner Taser.
Hobbies/pastimes: Sleeping in a bed, chocolate, walking, working, being around Chance.

Choice of entertainments: Chance Harris.

What trait will make character come alive? Being around Chance (he makes her nervous in a good way), threats (makes her abilities come forward) her family (they make her feel like an actual demon and not in a good way).

Why is character likeable? She is shy and helpless looking, and those around her can’t help wanting to offer support. Her moods are kind of hostile, but she values kindness and offers it in return.

Why is character loveable? It takes a lot of strength to accept that her family won’t change and to finally leave. She is trying to overcome her past and start over, while at the same time trying to suppress her dark side.

Thank you for hosting me today Aubrie! 

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