Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Author Interviews

I'd like to do an author interview every month or so, asking questions about how they started writing, what new works they have out, what gives them inspiration, what influences their writing, etc etc. Some questions will be typical, but others may get a little zany!

So, if you are an author and you are interested in answering my questions and you have a short story or novel coming out and would like to tell me about it, please leave a comment below with your email and what month you would like to be interviewed!

There is one condition: You must be a follower of this blog!


Nicole Zoltack said...

Knight of Glory comes out in March so it would be great if I could be interviewed then! Thanks!

Stephanie said...

HI! We talked about this a few months back! Absolutely count me in!!!!! I know you have some releases coming I definitely want to interview you for my blog!! I don't have a definite date yet for my release...but I'm thinking summer...probably not before mid/late July. So please count me in!!

Angie said...

I'd love to be interviewed. Do my short stories count? You could even interview me about my editor side. Any time would be great.

Lisa Rusczyk said...

Ohhhh how fun! I did an author interview a few months ago and loved doing it. Wanna "do" each other? I think I may take you up on your lead and do the same thing (I never said I wasn't a thief.)

I have an ebook coming out next month... let me know what you think.

Aubrie said...

Okay, I've got you all down. Now I'm going to make a schedule and send you all the questions!