Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

A fellow blogger has a bunch of these funny turkey comics posted today.

Since I'm a vegetarian, raised by a vegetarian family, we eat baked ziti and tofu pie (kind of like shepard's pie with tofu) for Thanksgiving! I like stuffing though and cranberry sauce. My favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving are the desserts: my sister is making cheesecake this year. Yummy!

My question to you is:

What is your favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving?

And it's okay if you say turkey!


Cherie Reich said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Aubrie!

We usually have the typical things like turkey, stuffing, mac and cheese, rolls, pumpkin pie, etc. My favorite thing to eat is vegetarian stuffing, which they finally made this year, since my cousin Paul and I are vegetarians.

I hope you have a good Thanksgiving!

Aubrie said...

Thanks Cherie! I love vegetarian stuffing. At least you have another vegetarian with you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Angie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'd have to say my favorite is the pie!

Aubrie said...

I love pie! I actually had the peanut butter and chocolate pie instead of the cheesecake. It was yummy!

BK Mattingly said...

all of it :) but especially my mom's mashed potatoes, though the yams were really great this year as well.

Aubrie said...

We don't make yams at my house. Are those sweet potatoes?

Natalie said...

Mashed potatoes and gravy all the way, but I like all Thanksgiving food :)