Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How long before you send it in?

I just finished my Winter Solstice story today (woohoo!) and sent it to my two critique partners for edits.

My question is: How long do you let a story/poem sit before you send it in? Days? Weeks? Do you re read it over and over again?

Usually I get my edits back from my critiquers and then read it one more time a day or two later before sending it in, but I'm curious as to what other writers do. What works the best for you?


Aubrie said...

Since no one is commenting, I'll leave my own comment:

I always need to let my story sit for a day or two so that I can read it with fresh eyes. That definitely helps.

Angie said...

I think it depends. I like to let it sit for a month or more if I have the time. It's so good to look at it from a distance. Good luck with your Winter Solstice story!