Monday, August 24, 2009


Tonight I submitted my short story, Facade, to Emerald Tales. The theme this time around is "Masks or Appearances can be deceiving." I thought it would make the perfect fantasy story.

My story is about a girl that is adopted by an elderly couple and moves into town one day from an orphanage. She wears a mysterious, golden mask and there is great speculation as to her reasons to hide. When the villagers' ignorance and hate build, she is forced into a confrontation and rescued by a local village boy. Later on that act of heroism is rewarded in a way that changes his life forever.

Here is the link to the submissions page at Emerald Tales.

I'm still waiting on Way of the Wizard, What if? by Readme Publications, the Female Pirate Story by Mindancer Press, Chance by Motif Books, Appalachian Holiday Hauntings, and The Dead Bells Anthology. I've also submitted a short story to Meeting House Press about Cambridge MA, where I went to Grad school. I'll let you know when the results come in!

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