Monday, June 1, 2009

Messenger in the Mist is out for Queries!

I am happy to report that my third novel, Messenger in the Mist, is being queried to literary agents right now! It took six months to write: December-May, and it was the deepest, most thought out writing I've ever done! My proof readers say that it's the best book I've written yet. (Seeing that it's the third, that makes a lot of sense!)

So please keep your fingers crossed for me. It's a tough market and fantasy/sci fi isn't the best way to make it in.

Here's the blurb:
Two factions on the verge of war…
A countryside overrun with mysterious beasts…
A love tested against duty…

Star Nightingale is one of only a few riders fast enough to elude the mysterious beasts that lurk in the moors. She has trained her entire life to be a messenger for the Elite Riders of Evenspark and races on horseback through the misted countryside, delivering correspondence to the bordering Fortress of Ravencliff. She risks her life for the gold to relocate her parents from their precarious home in the outskirts, for her illustrious career, and for an unrequited love.

On an important mission, Star discovers that she carries plans for the assassination of the one man who has captured her heart, Prince Valen of Ravencliff. Star must weigh her love against the livelihood that she has spent a lifetime to build and the country that she once thought was peaceful and just. To make matters worse, she learns that Prince Valen is secretly betrothed to Princess Vespa of Evenspark. Consequently, loving him would mean sundering already unstable relations between the two kingdoms.

Meanwhile, the mist is rising, enabling the Elyndra to gather in numbers and threaten the borders of both kingdoms. Star must unravel the mystery of their existence and forestall the war before they fall under invasion. In her search she uncovers the secret origins of her ancestors, revealing untold truths about the history of humanity.

Messenger in the Mist, complete at 60,000 words, is a fantasy novel with a flavor of science fiction and a good dose of romance. Set in a repressed, post apocalyptic civilization, it features a strong female protagonist and deals with the themes of over population, peace, and humankind’s relationship with nature.

I hope they like it!


Cherie Reich said...

Good luck! I'll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Aubrie said...

Thank you Cherie! Have you queried any agents yet?

Cherie Reich said...

No, I haven't yet. I wanted to get the first draft finished before I queried anyone. I've done very well with keeping up in it, but I'm afraid that if I start trying to find an agent then somehow I won't get the novel completed. It will still take me several months to edit the novel, so I figured then I could also begin trying to find an agent.