Saturday, April 4, 2009

Coffee Time Romance Review

Coffee Time Romance has just posted this review of Dreams of Beauty:

Emma is coming to a turning point in her life. Her beloved brother is getting married, her best friend is marrying another girl, and she realizes her village is threatened by the new owner of the abandoned manor while the real owner is trapped by a curse.

Davian is trapped in a dream and cannot be released without a kiss. His curse has lasted 100 years, and his spoiled niece is working on keeping him secret as she plans to squander the family savings.

Emma will have to find a way to free Davian and save the village while learning how strong she really is. If she fails, her future, and those of all she cares about will be destroyed.

Dreams of Beauty is a clever take on Sleeping Beauty with a wonderful heroine in Emma and help from a brave Davian. Even better to the storyline is how much her family cares for her throughout the book. The chemistry between Emma and Davian is excellent and well written. The supporting characters blend in without taking over the story while the villain is a great “meanie”. Her comeuppance is perfect. The dialogue shifts a bit in style, but I had to read the story more than once to notice. The physical attraction between the couple is just the right touch to make this a great romance for young adults, but it is the way all parts of the plot blend together that makes this Beauty of Dreams such a keeper.

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spiritofbirthdoula said...

That is so wonderful! Way to go, Aubrie....i can't wait to sink into the couch on a rainy afternoon for this one! Can I purchase a signed copy? :-)

Aubrie said...

When it comes out in print you can! Right now it's just an ebook.
Thank you for your support....I still have to mail you a bookmark!

Unknown said...

Loved the book. The main character was perfect!