Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guest Post by Cher Green, author of The Sacrifice

Crossing Genre Lines

When I began taking my writing to the next level, from aspiring writer to seeking publication, I was told more than once, pick a genre and stick with it. An alternate suggestion was to use a pen name when stepping outside the selected genre. I understand the thinking of such, as readers tend to stick with one or two genres and a handful of authors.

To me, this was the equivalent of putting myself in a box, or even multiple boxes and assigning labels. I don’t like boxes or any closed in areas. Besides, my writing had already crawled out of the box and there was no putting it back in. My stories ranged from comfy teenage love stories to the most horrid aspects of relationships. My muse leads me down roads unknown, and we refuse to be contained.

So, I went with my gut and kept writing and assigned my name to each creation. Will this be a problem at some point? Possibly, but if my readers are like me they will cross genres in their reading and will review the blurbs before devoting their time to the story.

My latest publication, The Sacrifice, a children’s picture book, takes me into a genre even I never thought I’d enter. The story grew from a simple prompt of writing a fairy tale. The short story exceeded my own expectations and fought to see the light of day. After many submissions and many rejections, I found myself at a loss. It didn’t fit into a genre, or so I thought. I tucked it away for another day.

And then, eTreasures Publishing opened their doors to children’s fiction. I had never even considered this genre for my fairy tale until that moment. I did a quick edit of The Sacrifice and sent it in, and it was accepted. My baby had found a home. Any author will understand this – I was a very proud momma.

My latest book, The Sacrifice, is available for purchase.You can buy it here!

Book Blurb:

Angelina must travel to the castle to protect her sister, who is marrying the king of the land. But who will protect Angelina on her journey when she encounters a troll and other unexpected obstacles? Luckily, she carries her precious and powerful medallion. She will need it, for even after she reaches the castle, all is not as it seems.

The Sacrifice is a fairytale-like story of a young woman's journey to save her sister.

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Cherie Reich said...

Congrats to Cher!

Terry W. Ervin II said...

Good stories tend to find readers, no matter the genre. Congrats!

Cher Green said...

Thank you both.