Monday, November 21, 2011

Movie Review: Thor

I'd put off watching this movie because I thought it would be another one dimensional super hero adventure, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only does it have an outstanding cast: Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, and Stellan Skasgard, it has a great character arc and some meaty messages. It doesn't end all happily ever after, either.

Thor starts off as an arrogant but powerful god about to inherit kingship of his realm. Before the ceremony can be completed, dark forces invade the castle interrupting his appointment. Thinking he can rid the kingdom of the dark forces forever, Thor goes to the underworld. But all he does is start a war. The king casts him out to Earth where he meets Natalie Portman. Falling in love with her teaches him lessons that make him worthy of being King.

The movie starts with a bunch of CGI graphics so fantastic it made my eyeballs hurt. But then, when Thor gets to Earth, all of the show gets put away, and some great characterization develops. It was hilarious to see the mighty Thor suffer the same problems as a human, and be brought to his knees by something as simple as a taser. Natalie Portman is great as a meteorologist on a quest to find answers. Her sharp tongue is just what Thor needs to realize he's not all that. Anthony Hopkins as the mighty King of Asgard, was wonderful, as always.

What will stay with me is the end (which I won't mention here).

I recommend this movie to anyone wanting to see a great super hero flick with outstanding actors and more depth that the average CGI adventure.


Budd said...

twas enjoyable.

Janet French said...

Don't understand why this film got bad press. I absolutely loved it. Good to look at and all the adventure, danger and go getter characters you could want. It beat Captain America for me, good as that was. Can't wait for The Avengers next year when they all get together.
The ending certainly stayed with me, I look up and smile once in a while in case I catch Heimdall's eye.

Jennie Bennett said...

I already have this on my Netflix list. Can't wait to watch it now :)

Cherie Reich said...

I've been wanting to see this movie. Perhaps I'll have to move it farther on my list. Hm, I wonder if I can stream it on my Kindle Fire.

Beth Caudill said...

I enjoyed this film. Some parts were cheesy. But I really love how they did the Thor trying to retrieve hammer on Earth scene (and failing). [And then of course the scene where he gets it back]

My real problem with the movie was Loki. I don't think they did enough with his character. He lacked the mischievous, calculated side of his personality.

Nicole Zoltack said...

I loved this movie! It took me by surprise - I didn't think I would like it as much as I did.

Christine Rains said...

I liked it. It was better than Green Lantern and about the same as Captain America. Yet Iron Man is still the best of all of them! I can't wait to see The Avengers next year.